Palais De Tokyo


Inside the Palais De Tokyo there was a massive man made lake. It is an installation from Celeste Boursier-Mougenot called “Acquaalta. It was pitch black with nothing but a few large windows at the far end providing a source of light and some amazing silhouettes from the water. There were also some hand made gondolas. The intention was for up to four participants to board the gondola, one of whom was elected as a Captain and would paddle the boat around the lake until, well, whenever.

We paddled around, negotiating some obstacles and other boats and occasionally, we crashed. I was kinda shitty about it because I couldn’t understand it. As someone who enjoys and practices art, I really wanted to, but I couldn’t.

Upon hearing this, my friend Caelan explained that there was nothing to understand. Art is created to evoke emotion and feelings. “If you enjoy an art, you might say it was a good art. If you don’t enjoy an art, you might say it was a bad art. If you feel like you understand an art, even better.”

It is under this new wisdom that I participate in art. For nothing but enjoyment.


La Seine


“When we were in Paris, we sat on the riverbank every night sipping cold beer in the heat and chatting shit about spitting and stuff. All the time these massive, fucking boatloads full of tourists cruise up and down the Seine River and they have massive bright, white lights shining everywhere that hurt the shit out of your eyes. I was tripping out on it because the ripples that the boats created contained the reflection of these disgusting lights and it made a super cool pattern in the water. I was psyching on it so hard because something so shit became so beautiful for a second.”

Photo: Jess Connor

Make My City Beautiful


Marischall College, Aberdeen

Super nice and very rare view of the sunset hitting Marischal College last night. Made possible by the current lack of buildings in front of it.

It would be pretty sad to see new infrastructure in the form of MORE shops and tall hotels, once again obscuring it’s beauty. I feel like a more productive alternative would be to turn the area into a green space. Some turf, some trees, some benches. Alongside which would bring some genuine culture and beauty to this town. People would be proud of the area and there would be so much potential for events and other excitements.

I feel like most people of this city would get far greater levels of enjoyment out of my proposal rather than the proposed idea of more commerce and big business.


Imagine if they pedestrianised Belmont Street, fully. I mean they did TRY this month, but there are still cars everywhere. Also, what if Union Terrace gardens were to be brought up to street level by making a series of wide graduated bridges COVERED in vegetation from the existing park over the railway and road to connect with belmont street. Imagine if Back Wynd wasn’t just a fucking taxi rank serving hardly any other purpose than to enable drunk people to get home. We’d have one VERY pretty and exciting city centre, that’s for sure.

I don’t want a city centre that screams “Drunk rich people like to go shopping and shout at each other”. It’s lame and it sucks. Shared public spaces are not the place for big business.

I’m not one to give up and complain that “Aberdeen sucks and it’s boring because there is nothing to do and nothing pretty to see.” because there is tonnes of that stuff, if you look for it. I don’t want to have to search for it.

I don’t want to enjoy views like the one in the picture with fucking building sites in front of them either.

I want my city centre to be so awesome it smacks you in the face and says:


_MG_1373 _MG_1420


We were invited to this year’s Sheepfest, a DIY music festival held in the middle of nowhere, Scotland. It’s an invite only event, so we felt pretty blessed to be a part of it.

Sheepfest is an outgoing affair held in the barn of a small, vegetarian ran, farm. The owners are very cool people and set up the entire event themselves. They built the stage, rigged the lights, decorated the place and hand built an outdoor male urinal. Which is rad because no one needs to be subjected to any dudes’ urinary adventures. They are super dedicated people. Between sinking beers and getting groovy with the bands, they attended to their chores such us: mucking out the horse stables and feeding all the animals with a great deal of love, which was pretty cool to see in the middle of a party.

After a full day of rain, the weather cleared up and we had a rowdy time in the barn dancing to all the bands who played and a very comfortable night in the tents. In the morning the sun was blazing, so to cure our hangovers we took our skateboards out to the nearby country lane and bombed the hills in the quiet and the wind.

It was a family event. When the youngest kids noticed our partied-out state rendered us weak, they took the opportunity to bring out the water guns and soak us with freezing water.

Umbrella Ducks X Chris Bissett


Chris Bissett recently bought himself a shiny new SALT tee shirt. He requested a packaging doodle and wanted the theme to be umbrellas. When we received this message we were in no fit state, as we had been drinking all day to celebrate SALT team member Neil Johnston’s recent graduation.

Long story short, or rather, getting way too much mileage out of what should be a short story; Jess drew Chris an umbrella that had a ducks head for a handle on the packaging for the tee shirt. Not being one to sugar coat anything, the drawing was shit. Alas, we were drunk. Nonetheless, Chris received his tee and was delighted with his packaging doodle.

Being an artist himself, it seems Chris took inspiration from Jess’s rushed Umbrella-Duck and drew up his own version (pictured above) and sent it our way.

It’s awesome!

We are far too embarrassed to show our own Umbrella-Duck drawing. Besides, we were too drunk to think of taking a photo.

If you like what you see, you can check out more of Chris’s work on his Instagram account. We love his drawings, he rips on a skateboard and he’s generally an all round rad dude.

Catholic Action


Catholic Action


Spinning Coin ft. Simone of Breakfast MUFF


Spinning Coin


Min Diesel


Depeche Choad


  We had too much fun.

We went to Cellar 35 the other week to check out a few touring bands from Glasgow and a couple of local acts. We’d usually have more to say about these kind of events. However, we ended up having way too much fun. We’ve been debating what to do about putting the pictures up from the show for the past two weeks because we can’t put our feelings of the show into words.

Just like us, on the night.

Be sure to check out the bands, we loved them all.

Catholic Action | Spinning Coin | Min Diesel | Depeche Choad 

Blair’s Totally Rad Drawings


We had a chat with awesome illustrator and all-round good dude, Blair Cairns (pictured above in his piece “Digging For Gold – Self Portrait”) about his artwork, DIY tattoos and skateboarding. The interview is part of a feature on Blair’s work for the first upcoming quarterly issue of SALT magazine. We ended up being so stoked on the interview that we’ve decided to run a sneak peak on our online blog, check it out below.

SALT: How did Blair’s Totally Rad Drawings come into existence?

BC: “It was in my mind for a long time, I just wanted to put my drawings somewhere where more people could see them, and hoping to get my name out there more.

Its also keeping me busy, because I enjoy sharing my drawings.”

SALT: Why do you often choose expletive/gross subject matter for these drawings?

BC: “I suppose its because I’m inspired by the likes of NECKFACE, Basquiat, Weasel Face and anything that I see that’s funny to me. It’s more fun as well, like I don’t enjoy drawing something pretty that’s not real to me. It’s way more fun to draw a fucked up face, with blood shot eyes, vomiting from its nose than a flower.”

Be sure to check out “Blair’s Totally Rad Drawings”  for more of his work and keep an eye out for SALT Magazine. We are hoping to have issue one available for your reading pleasure by early August.

Snowblind Eyes X Catherine Ross


Newave Gallery is playing host to yet another great exhibition this month. This time it’s Snowblind Eyes by Catherine Ross, a recent painting graduate from Gray’s School of Art.

Catherine’s work explores the idea of “North”. Particularly, false impressions associated with the word. This is something that interests us greatly because she is digging deep into our surroundings to create her own impression of what we call home. It’s cool that’s she is stripping bare the preconceptions of an idea we believe we know so well.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more great work from Catherine Ross!

We went to the launch party on Friday and had a lot of fun with Tomasz who runs the space (he even got a cool photo of us).

Donuts, Beer and Skateboards

_MG_0880 _MG_0888

Skateboard Cafe is a UK based, independently ran and skater owned company who have built a strong reputation for themselves over the past few years with their deliciously indulgent graphics on boards and clothing. They are a brand that our local skate shop, Granite Reef, is stoked to have introduced as the latest addition to their collection of stock.

To celebrate this and the recent release of Skateboard Cafe’s skate flick; “Alfresco”. The dudes at Granite Reef set up a super fun party with a showing of the film. Cafe Contour, a rad little, independently ran coffee shop neighbouring Granite Reef store, very kindly donated their space for the night. This was all too fitting given the caffeinated, sugary theme of the evening.

I was stoked to be invited along to the event, even more so when I discovered the spread of beer and donuts. I had a great time catching up with everyone who popped in for the night, there was plenty of good vibes and a lot of laughs.

After I scoffed 3 or 4 donuts and sank a couple of beers, watching Alfresco was a perfect way to chill out and wash everything down.

Photos and Words: Jess Connor